Calf WrightSock


Significant improvement of the venous return, and therefore promotes the muscular recovery after the effort.

Its function is to protect from the ankle (achilles heel) to below the knee, while avoiding muscle injuries, cramps, etc

Without seams, highly breathable, have a good draining of the sweat.



* The compression is divided into phases of most to least, allowing a good adaptation.

* Reduce vibration, avoiding cramps and muscle injuries.

* Reduce the generation of lactic acid, which translates to greater physical endurance and less fatigue.

* Increase of muscle power during the exercise.

* Your thermoregulation insulates against cold and heat

* Prevents inflammation of the achilles heel and the risk of injury (overloading muscle and microroturas).

* Good breathability, hold the skin dry.

* Best performance by promoting blood circulation.

* Easy for you to use (put and remove).


Sizes: Measure with a meter the perimeter of each twin at the widest part.

If you are between two sizes it is preferable to choose the larger size.



Ideal for any type of activity or sports practice throughout the year.

During the activity keep you have isolated the skin thanks to its thermoregulation, prevent cramps, and reduce vibrations.

After any activity they are advised to improve the venous return.


Material: 60% Polyester, 24% Polyimide and 16% Lycra

Important: Wash upside down – maximum 40 ° – do not use fabric softener, or bleach, or iron or dryer.

Units: 1 pair


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