Low Impact insoles


Insole created to reduce impacts and relieve discomfort in the heel and metatarsals, in addition to enjoying greater cushioning and comfort under your feet.

This model has been designed to be versatile and adaptable to any shoe thanks to its flexible and memory materials.

Lightweight and ergonomic product , with bactericidal fabric that prevents the appearance of unwanted bad smell in the shoe.




  • 100% breathable
  • The Low Impact insoles are made with breathable materials and no type of chemical complement or glue is used in its anchorage, which makes a more breathable insole without the need of perforations, thus benefiting our users in: decreased sweating, dry feet more rapid, more ventilation and less friction or no slip inside the shoe.
  • For the creation and development of this model, databases and data from the orthopedics and podiatry sector were used with the technology, needs and demands of the sport.
  • Insole suitable especially for impact sports: Run / Trail / Hiking / Outdoor

  • For any type of sport: running, soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, padel…

  • Also for walking: daily, hiking long distances, Camino de Santiago, hiking, mountaineering…



Flexible two-density stabilizer that allows the flex and adaptability of the Low Impact insole in almost any last on the market, maintaining comfort and shock absorption, as well as excellent comfort and fit in the shoe.


Multilayer system developed for the absorption and cushioning of impacts, favours the reduction of tension and rebound effect with the pressure exerted when walking.

Guarantee of trust Marvok:

 Insoles carefully studied by a team that creates databases between heights, inclinations and densities that allow them to develop and improve the ergonomics of their products day by day, carrying out periodic tests where the results obtained are checked.

In this way they create more comfortable products and can develop specific items for specific purposes.


  • The insole can be used only with CLOSED shoes (dayly or sports).
  • Change the original insole of the shoe for the Low Impact Marvok.
  • The new Low Impact insole must fit inside the shoe, totally flat without forming any kind of folds.
  • Only if necessary, trim the TOE of the new insole along the outer edge in order to better fit the shoe.
  • When you get home and take off your shoes, remove the insole to facilitate ventilation and limit odor formation.
  • Cleaning: Hand wash with neutral soap and water.


  • latex bilayer base

  • breathable and antimicrobial fabric

  • fixing foam

  • Softimpact latex gel

  • ErgonomicSoft torsion stabilizer

Sizes: Availability from 37 to 46.

S: 37/39 – M 40/42 – L: 43/44 – XL: 45/46

Unit: 1 pair



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