Exfoliating cream anti-calluses


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The perfect ally for the exfoliation definite that your feet need.

Easily removes dead skin cells of the epidermis of the foot responsible for calluses and rough spots on the heel, the balls of your feet and pressure areas.

Softens corns and calluses. Smoothes the skin more dehydrated.

Enjoying a nice velvety feel, and the foot is now ready to receive a moisture care.

Only 2 left in stock


  • The professional peel of the feet are dry and very dry!
  • Optimizes the action of the care moisturizing the Regenerating Cream Nutri-Reparative.
  • Efficacy proven under dermatological control.
  • Cream used by chiropodists around the world.

Main ingredients: Grains of coconut shell – salicylic Acid – grape seed Oil – (WITHOUT PARABENS)

Capacity: 75 ml

Use: Weekly (2 times per week, later 1 time per week to maintain the effect.)

How to use: Apply a small nut of cream on each foot and rub the areas to be treated until you get small balls (very similar to the shavings of an eraser). When the foot is completely devoid of these bumps, rinse well and dry.

Country of origin: Monaco (Laboratories ASEPTA)


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