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Combination of mineral powders that are applied on the skin of the feet form a protective film that prevents skin lesions such as skin irritations and chaffing.

Thanks to the component extra, silver, we benefit from their antibacterial properties and antifungal. This avoids not only sweating but also bad smells and the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

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  • Ideal for barefoot wearing shoes without socks or stockings.
  • Especially indicated for ATHLETES in LONG DISTANCE RACES, TRIATHLONS, even for the CAMINO DE SANTIAGO.
  • Indicated for people who use compression stockings.
  • Also indicated for people with feet sweaty or who suffer from a bad smell.
  • Recommended on cold days, because the powder to absorb the sweating keeps the foot dry and warm.
  • The original shape of the pot Danzarin Sport is designed to powder all over the inside of the shoe without the left or the tip more narrow, being as well suitable use for all type of footwear.


  • Award-winning as the most important accessory for shoes and product recommended by the press at the trade Fair GDS in Düsseldorf 2007 (Germany).
  • Product is dermatological tested made in Germany (2010) receiving the rating of EXCELLENT.
  • Tested product also in:

-> the “Marathon des Sables” in 2009 and 2010 (250km)


-> the “1st Ultradistance Solidarity Alicante – Madrid” + “Marathon of Madrid” (560 km in 8 days)

-> the “Ultradistance without Borders Camino del Cid” (1200 km in 21 days )

Usage: Whenever it is necessary.


Mode of use: The product always should be sprinkled directly on the skin of the foot (clean and dry).

Option 1: your shoes WITHOUT socks or stockings.

To base of tap to drop the powder on the inside of the shoe and spreading it evenly.

Option 2: Put on WITH socks or tights (recommended for ATHLETES).

In the same way to cover with dust the inside of the sock or the middle, cover with the hand the exit orifice of these and shake so that the powder is spread well.

Be adjusted by the amount: once the foot is covered and you have insisted in the critical areas will be sufficient. (Has five holes that allow you to control the amount of dust that you want to apply.)


Main composition: Set of natural mineral – based talcum powder. Free of asbestos.


Capacity: 50g


Made in Germany


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