Calf White


Calf compression are seamless and are anti-chafing providing comfort to the user. Maintain the temperature thanks to the microfiber termoreguladora, very breathable and offer a great resistance to sweat. They put on and removed easily.



Anti-inflammatory: effect compressor (decreasing) prevents the inflammatory processes in twins/soleos.

Outvibraciones: decrease vibrations while supporting the muscles, reducing risk of injury.

Tenaquiles: area of the Achilles tendon is subject to and prevents inflammation.

BMC: compression in the calf (preventing cramps).

02 ACT: Activates the blood circulation, oxygenating the muscle tissue. Promotes blood circulation and therefore improves the performance.



Recommended for all sports and at any time of the year.

Recommended by physiotherapists for use, PRIOR to any activity, DURING the activity keep you have isolated the skin thanks to its thermoregulation, prevent cramps, and reduce vibrations. Use AFTER any training or competition, it is advised to recover the venous return.


Washing instructions:

* Upside-down * solid Color * Maximum at 40 ° * Without fabric softener or bleach * do Not iron or use dryer



60% Polyester, 24% Polyamide and 16% Lycra


A unit = 1 pair


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