Hexagel Slim insoles

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Hexagel Slim insoles are anatomical insoles with support in the plantar arch.

Material Poron® offers anti-slip and anti-bacterial function, stabilizing reliefs for the heel, adaptable to any type of footwear.

Increase the comfort of the feet as absorbing impacts when walking and by reducing the sensation of tiredness.

The entire plantar area is protected thanks to its optimal cushioning.



  • Does NOT stick to the shoe. You can remove and put on.
  • Washable (with lukewarm water and some neutral soap).
  • Valid for any type of CLOSED footwear: flat shoes, high heel, sports, casual or elegant shoes etc.

Material: PORON® performance cushioning

  • Absorbs more than 90% of the force of impact.
  • The force of  impact is distributed throughout the surface of the material resulting in a lesser stress to our joints.
  • Very comfortable, light, plus breathable and with protection anti-bacterial built in.
  • Does not lose its shape and initial thickness.
  • Greater life span than other materials.

Size: This insole is cutteble only in the toe area.

First, with the help of scissors, cut above the line that indicate your size of foot. If necessary, trim a little more so that the insole is perfectly seated inside of the shoe. (There should be No folds or espace for having cut out more.)

Unit: 1 pair


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