Antiperspirant cream for children’s feet


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Specific formula for the children, without aluminum salts.

Feet of strong transpiration from 3 years old. Tested under control pediatric.

Combat excess perspiration, regulating the flow sudoral of the foot without cutting it totally.

The feet are kept dry throughout the day.

Neutralizes odors, protects the skin from irritations and stabilises pH to the skin.

In stock


Active ingredients: Silica, vegetable Complex of witch hazel, muez of Gall oak, Complex of extract of horsetail and essential oil of sage, Shea Butter, D-panthenol, Symdeo B125, Liipester USS.

Mode of use: Apply twice a day, for 14 days, in the plant of the feet and between the toes when the skin is clean and dry.

Capacity: 50 ml


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