START – Gel heat effect


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Gel effect thermo-active long-term to get warm intensive.

Facilitates the heating of muscle that prevents tears and strains.

Help to resume the sport after muscle injuries.

Ideal for the practice of sports activities in cold and wet environments.

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  • Non-greasy substance and fast penetration.
  • For athletes who are exposed to rain and cold.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Not suitable for children under 15 years.

Advantages of the brand Akileïne:

  • it is a brand of quality,
  • recognized in the pharmacies of France,
  • recommended by podiatrists worldwide
  • developed by the pharmaceutical Asepta Monaco.

Use: BEFORE sports practice.

How to use: Apply on the area to be treated with a rubbing light massaging deeply, until its complete absorption.

(Wash hands after use.)

Main active principles: Nicotafuryl – Camphor – Salicylate Glycol

Capacity: 75ml

Country of origin: Monaco


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