Powder Danzarin Latex


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Mineral powder natural high quality especially indicated to carry clothing very tight.

Facilitates dressing and undressing-to-wear latex, lycra, synthetic, leather, neoprene, etc…

Of velvety texture, form a film that protects the skin from chafing irritation and possible sores.

In addition, it absorbs perspiration without plugging the pore of the skin.

In stock



  • Valid on all sectors of the horse riding, diving, etc. where the clothing required is adjusted with a tendency to chafe the skin.
  • Product is dermatological tested made in Germany (2010) receiving the rating of EXCELLENT.
  • Does not stain (the white color of the initial powder blends with the skin leaving it virtually unnoticeable.


Usage: Whenever it is necessary.


Mode of use: The product always should be sprinkled directly on the skin of the body (clean and dry).

Be adjusted by the amount: once the treated area is covered and has insisted in the critical areas will be sufficient. (Has five holes that allow you to control the amount of dust that you want to apply.)


Main composition: Set of natural mineral – based talcum powder. Free of asbestos.


Capacity: 50g


Manufactured in: Germany


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