Antiperspirant for foot Vaporizer DEO


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Vaporizer liquid to reduce immediately the flow sudoral, deodorize and refresh the feet.

Your formula associated with assets that allow you to also soften the foot skin, stimulate cell renewal and prevent the formation of unpleasant odors.

In addition, its anti-transpiring also limits the irritation caused by excess sweating in the foot.

Out of stock


Main composition: Salts of Allantoin – Extracts of Lichen – aluminum Salts sobreactivado – (PARABEN-free)

Capacity: 100ml

Use: Daily

How to use: Spray 1 time per day on the soles of the feet (clean and dry) as well as between the fingers.

For optimal effectiveness, continue applications for 2 weeks, after espaciarlas.

Country of origin: Monaco (Laboratories ASEPTA)


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