Killer Kushionz – Pad ¾ shock absorbing


Pad shock absorbing for maximum comfort for the foot.

Complete protection from the heel to the metatarsal.

Effect non-slip: The foot does NOT slide forward.

Prevents fingers from leaving with open shoe, or that these touch the tip with close shoe .

Prevents the appearance of corns and calluses.

Innovative form ¾ adaptable to all types of shoes: flat, high heel…


Instructions: For a proper provision must stick to the shoe.

Material: PORON® performance cushioning

  • Absorbs more than 90% of the force of impact.
  • The force of the impact is distributed throughout the surface of the material resulting in a lesser stress to our joints.
  • Very comfortable, light, plus breathable and with protection anti-bacterial integrated.
  • Does not lose its shape and initial thickness.
  • Greater life span than other materials.

Size: This pad is standard. NOT going by size.

Unit: 1 pair of pad ¾


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