Heavenly Heelz – Instep and heel pad


Soft protector pad for the ankle area as the instep.

Relieves pressure points and reduces friction caused by the shoe.

Prevents uncomfortable chafing and blistering.

Improves the clamping of the foot within the shoe.

Prevents the foot from slipping out of shoes that are a half-size too big.

Cinderella wouldn’t have lost the slipper with her Heavenly Heelz!


Heavenly Heelz are ideal for you:

– If you are tired of the heel coming off those shoes that are half-size too big.

– If you are wearing stockings with heels and you are looking for a good grip.

– If you want to retrieve from the closet several pairs of shoes that you have stopped wearing because they rubbed on your ankle.

– If you have bought the latest fashion shoes, but you always suffer in the ankle.

– If you combine this product with our Tip Toes, you will give your heels a perfect fit and cushioning so you can wear them for hours!


  • The pad features Spectape™ adhesive on the back for long-lasting placement.
  • For a correct performance, the pad must stick to the shoe, and it is not recommended to remove and reuse.

Material: PORON® performance cushioning

  • Absorbs more than 90% of the force of impact.
  • The force of the impact is distributed throughout the surface of the material resulting in a lesser stress to our joints.
  • Very comfortable, light, plus breathable and with protection anti-bacterial built in.
  • Does not lose its shape and initial thickness.
  • Greater life span than other materials.

Unit: 1 pair


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