Sport insoles


Insoles dynamic gel gives a sensation of comfort being a gel, fluid, and dynamic. INNOVATIVE technology for everyday use. Feet fatigued and pains associated with the feet are the most common annoyances of daily life. Ensures Directional Stability and Reduces the Pressure on Joints and the Lower Back.


* The revolutionary design of Gel insoles Genius makes are the first insoles of gel fluid and dynamic.

* Are anti-bacterial and machine washable

* The upper part is breathable and the bottom is non-slip.

* Helps the blood circulation, massage gently your feet when you walk and absorb impact, relieving pressure on the joints and reducing muscle fatigue.

* The “line of flow” special ensures directional stability during walking and allows the rocking motion anatomically correct foot, through the achievement of a better posture. Alleviating the pain in the lumbar region, knees, heels, ankles, and feet.

* Includes a magnet therapeutic for each template. If it is diabetico you have to remove the magnet.


* TPU – thermoplastic polyurethane super durable.


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