Lace lock clip – Grey bottom


Untied laces are annoying and dangerous for all of us.

The solution comes with these clips: a functional design that keeps well subject your laces.

Suitable for any person and any circumstance and sector: children, youth, adults, seniors and athletes (training, team games, races, marathons, etc.).

Forget those embarrassing and bad-timed falls!


There’s probably nothing more frustrating than having to stop running to tie your shoelaces again. With the BRACKS lace lock you don’t have to worry about undone shoelaces anymore. Just keep on running.


  • Since it is not necessary to take the double knot.
  • Or worry about if one treads on the laces with the possibility of falling.
  • The clip is extremely easy to use in 3 simple steps: open, slide and close.
  • The laces no longer are released alone. Guaranteed!
  • In addition they are small, effective, durable and attractive.
  • The elastic material of the rubber returns to its original state after use.
  • The variety of colors facilitates the choice of the clips.
  • More possibilities for the clip to combine (or not) with the shade of the shoe.


Measures: 27mm long – 25mm wide


Use: For all types of footwear, that wear lace-up: daily, dress, sport…


Quantity: 1 pair


Made in the Netherlands


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